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We have been doing a lot of refit jobs on April. The list can sometimes seem endless. 

What we do NOT want to do, is create yet another website about how to refit a boat. 

There are so many websites, tutorials and videos on the web, some of them are actually quite good. 

We do have a little bit of experience in boat building and we do know which way around to hold a hammer, but we are certainly not experts. We want to encourage everyone to just go for it. Make mistakes and learn, that is how we are going about it. It can be frustrating, but learning a lot. 

What follows is a curation of content that we found helpful.

My journey to becoming a true sparky.


The hull truth


Or as we salty sea dogs like to call it... the head.


Yanmar 1GM10 and the putput purr of our diesel disaster.


... and other stories before bedtime. 


Leaky bastards


From grand plans to practical solutions. 


and where we sleep.

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