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Or as we salty sea dogs like to call it... the head

Short version:

We did not do a lot of research here.

The most complicated part was using comic book paper as wallpaper.

It is really easy though: make sure you prepare the surface well, glue the sheets on with wallpaper glue and cover with a transparent wallpaper protector once dried. 

What worked:

The aim was to make the head less offensive, create more storage and get rid of the smell.

We achieved all our goals and are really pleased with the results. 

What I would do differently:

We debated at length if we should instal a sea toilet or not. 

While on the canals and in many parts of the med, we would not be able to use a direct sea toilet without a holding tank. We simply do not *want have the space on board for a storage tank. We have gotten very used to grabbing our little camping toilet and disposing of everything in the next best available regular toilet. 

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